Monday, July 11, 2011

Starting From Where You Are

Now that we are on Day 11 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I finally feel ready to get started on this blog again. I have been keeping up at my other site Amethyt Tarot and I haven't felt rushed or behind at all, so I guess it is time to bring this blog into the challenge as well. While I'm not planning on going back and "making up" the first 11 days worth of posts (though you never know, I might), I do plan on starting from where I am and going on from there.

So I guess that will be what today's post is about. I am starting from where I am. Right in the middle of the challenge. According to some people, I am already behind. For many people who have fallen "behind" in the challenge, they feel rushed, guilty, and somewhat overwhelmed. Some people have even thrown around the word Failure. How does calling yourself a failure serve your Higher Purpose?

I can struggle and sweat and try to "keep up" (just who am I keeping up with anyway?) or I can start from here, forget about the past, and move forward. Isn't that a great life lesson for today? Enjoy where you are and don't worry about the past.
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While it is great to set goals and intentions and work towards progress and the things you want in life, it is also important to find a balance. I haven't decided if I will update this blog enough to end up "winning" the Blog Challenge. If I feel like I have things to write about, I might. If I don't, then I'll guess you'll see one post a day. Until then, breathe deeply and enjoy where you are.


  1. I enjoyed your post. Sometimes we all need to take a breath and move on. It's easy, and I don't like the easy path, to sit and talk about fixing the past or catching up. It's much better, although harder, to wipe the slate and move forward with purpose and intention.

    Great job! (found you through the UBC)

  2. Thanks, Tia! You're definitely right about it being harder to move on. I think we all want to "fix" our pasts. But it's gone - there's nothing to fix.