Saturday, July 16, 2011

Opening your Blog for Comments

A couple of days ago I learned that people on WordPress can't leave comments on my blogs easily. Yesterday I figured out how to fix that, so I thought I would share it with everyone who has a Blogger blog. (I just like saying Blogger blog.)

Go into your blog and click Settings on the Task bar. Click Comments. The second thing says "Who Can Comment?"  Click Anyone - even Anonymous Users. Scroll down and click Save Settings, and you're done.

Then go read some of the posts about keeping Spammers out. You will have to monitor your comments more, but isn't it worth it to let others in? Of course, Blogger does also have anti-spam measures as well that will help. I am still learning a ton of things about blogs and blogging in general, and I can't thank everyone at the Ultimate Blog Challenge enough for all of their help and support the last couple of weeks. I'm still wondering if the group will keep going once July is over. Are they going to keep the Facebook page up for us or is there some way people are going to continue to connect? I hope to continue to see a lot of people I have met lately.

Happy Blogging!


  1. Thanks for the technique, Ame. I will have to share this with my blogger friends.

  2. I had to do this for my Blogger blog (it is fun to say!) because my own mom said it was too hard to comment. ;-)

  3. I have had a tough time with blogspot lately and I have one of my blogs through blogspot. I can't figure out why, but google won't let me comment using my google/blogspot ID.

    It is surreal. So I use the Name/URL option and then I can comment. I hate not commenting... I literally comment on every single blog I visit unless the platform locks me out!

    I am grateful I found you via the Ultimate Blog Challenge today.

  4. Love your blog, Ame. Really relate to your Divine Mission!

    I love being able to comment and have others comment on my blog too!

    Looking forward to your book! Sounds awesome...

  5. Thanks, ya'll. I really didn't realize Google locked so many people out. Glad I could help.

    Yes, my book...gotta get on that...

  6. I've realized there are so many ways to "sign in" that allowing anonymous really helps. Glad you figured it out!