Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happiness Is...

Yesterday my husband took me out for breakfast, and this is what we ended up next to in the parking lot. I could hardly keep myself together while I was taking the picture. I don't know why, but this was so completely unexpected that I am still laughing about it.

What outrageous and unexpected thing has made you laugh today? It's Sunday, so I propose we all post something positive and funny that makes us smile.

And if you can beat a Pepto-Bismol-colored Hummer, you deserve a prize.


  1. I love Hummer,but this is kind of unique...Thanks for sharing.Following via gfc now. :)
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  2. Thanks Abhisek! I'm really surprised this post didn't draw more attention and comments. I still laugh every time I see the picture. :)

  3. I want it!! haha yes, I would be the wife looking at her husband saying "I want it!" Even at my age I still have a thing for "pink"

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  4. That is pretty awesome!

    What made me smile today? Hmmm... I figured out there is a Mockingbird in a tree next to where I park at work. He's been singing to me for the last two weeks!