Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm a Big Girl Now

   Tonight a lady I knew came up and showed me a picture of her boyfriend and asked, "What do you think?" I think I felt like I had gotten kicked in the stomach. What do you say to someone when such a terrible feeling washes over you and you want to start screaming, "Run away! Run away now!" and you know you are right?

Fortunately, she was actually asking my advice (and no, I didn't jump up and down or scream). I tried to ask her questions and lead her to her own answers and conclusions. In the end, she asked me to do a Tarot reading for her, even though the cards only confirmed what I had already felt and knew.

Part of the reason I become a mental health therapist so many years ago was because I thought it would be like this. People would come to me with their problems, and with gentle guidance and reassurance, I would try to help them figure out what they already knew. This would lead to greater discovery and hopefully change in their lives. Unfortunately, psychology is a medical-based business, and it looks at what is "wrong" with a person before it looks at any of the positives (almost exclusively in many cases).

Tonight I realized what I already know: intuition and Tarot helps WAY more than psychology ever could. Hopefully I am able to help more people discover the good in themselves. What do I call myself? Spiritual Counselor? Advisor? Tarot Reader Extraordinaire? (Hehe, maybe not). I do have a Master of Divinity and can register as a Pastoral Counselor in my state. I just may do that. Until then, I was so happy with the way things turned out this evening. I hope to do many more readings for people in the very near future. I finally believe in myself and my ability to help others. I'm a Big Girl now!

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