Thursday, July 21, 2011

Self-expression is a Necessary Form of Survival

I completely stole this blog from Green Briar at I've been thinking a lot about self-expression lately, and how weird I've felt at my job (you know - the one I quit yesterday). At work I was not allowed to wear ANY jewelry at all - not even my wedding ring. I could have worn a plain wedding band, and I thought about buying one, but it didn't feel right. My ring is pretty large and has a giant amethyst in it. I also was not allowed to wear ear rings, necklaces, or even a watch (not that I wear watches much, but if I did, I wouldn't have been allowed).

The last couple of days I have wanted to go out and find the chunkiest, hugest necklaces I could possibly find and pair them with some of the ear rings I make. I feel like screaming, "Look at me! Look at me! I MATTER!" Who knew that being so restricted in my wardrobe would make me go a little nuts? I didn't have this problem when I was in the Army, but for some reason being at a civilian job (or maybe just being at this stage of my life), well, I just can't accept those types of restrictions anymore. I have come to the conclusion that, at least for me, self-expression is a necessary form of survival.

So here's one cute way to play around with your wardrobe. It's mostly geared towards teenagers or kids, but I'm sure there will be more than a few adults rocking this look soon, at least at Coven. What do you do to rock your own sense of style or to express who you are? What do you do when you are in an environment where you aren't allowed to do it?

I lifted this blog in its entirety from Green Briar:

 This Blog is borrowed from Ravenmoon thought the teenagers I have on my page and a few adults might like this post.

This purely decorative lacing forms a pentagram, or five pointed star.

Besides the "magical" associations, solid five pointed stars are found on

many flags, most notably the fifty stars on the U.S. flag. This lacing works

best with thinner or flat laces because several eyelets have to

accommodate two passes of shoelace.

Pentagram Lacing diagram 1
Faint sections are underneath

Pentagram Lacing diagram 2

Setting the bottom "corners" higher up centers the pentagram.

Pentagram Lacing picture 1

In this photo, the top "rung" has been shifted up one set of eyelets to

lengthen the top point.

Pentagram Lacing picture 1

This photo of a Pentagram Laced New Balance sneaker was sent to me by

Corey C.

More Lacing Photos Lacing Technique:
Photobucket1. The lace is run straight across (grey section) and is fed into the third

set of eyelets from the top of the shoe.

2. Both ends run straight down on the inside and emerge from the bottom

pair of eyelets (skip two sets of eyelets). These mark the bottom "corners"

of the pentagram.

3. The left (blue) end forms the bottom "cross" as follows: Run diagonally

up to the right, feeding back into the third eyelet from the top on the right

side of the shoe, then run straight down on the inside to emerge from the

bottom right "corner" of the pentagram, then diagonally up to the left,

feeding a second time into the third eyelet from the top on the left side of

the shoe.

4. The left (blue) end now continues to form the top "rung" as follows: Run

straight up on the inside and emerge from the next eyelet up the shoe,

then run straight across to feed into the adjacent eyelet on the right side

of the shoe, then straight up to emerge from the top right eyelet.

5. With the top "rung" completed, the right (yellow) end now runs

diagonally up to the top middle and wraps around that rung, then runs

diagonally back down and left, feeding a second time into the eyelet at the

bottom left "corner" of the pentagram.

6. Finally, the left (yellow) end runs all the way up the inside left of the

shoe to emerge from the top left eyelet.


Decorative look

Loose fit

Harder to tighten

Comparative Length = 135%

Laced area uses more (about +35%)

Longer laces needed (about +17%)

Shortens lace ends (about −32%)


It may take some experimentation to get a pentagram with fairly even

points, which will depend on the width of the shoe and the eyelet spacing.

Running the bottom "corners" through the second pair of eyelets from the

bottom reduces the length of the lower points and shifts the pentagram

higher up the shoe. The top "rung" can be also be shifted higher to

increase the length of the top point.

Have Fun :)



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  1. GREAT!!!! Love the look!! Gee.. now to find shoes that don't have velcro as the closure!! lol. ( just kidding, mine have laces. )

    Elissa Joy