Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning Your Home

There's something so wonderful about Spring - the promise of renewal, growth, and just a freshness in the air. Everywhere people come out of their long winter slumber and start to live again. New projects are started and the smell of fresh-cut lawns permeates.

Spring also means Spring Cleaning. For many people this is a once-a-year "deep cleanse" on their home. It is also a great time to do saging smudges or renewal spells on your home and property. Many people call these "protection spells," but I tend to refrain from wording that would encourage any bad energies to notice me. The more people talk about "protecting" and shielding themselves and their homes, the more they tend to attract bad things that they need to protect themselves from. Putting out positive focus and positive energy tends to negate this problem in general. (Though that's not always the case, but it's too complicated to get into the ins and outs of that particular subject here.)

Unfortunately, I tend to ignore my housework. I have had some mental block about cleaning for as long as I can remember. Part of the reason is that I am still bitter from when I was growing up and my mother made me clean all Saturday morning when I should have been watching cartoons. I rarely saw her do much of anything to clean around the house and felt more like a slave than her kid. So for many years, picking up so much as a dust cloth brought back these feelings, and I have rebelled against it repeatedly. Now that I have my own home it's time to put these issues aside. We can't carry around baggage from our past and be prepared to be successful at the same time. And what better time to clean than Spring?

There are many spells that can be used when cleaning the home. Some people use incense and walk around the home blessing each room. Some consecrate their tools such as their besom (broom) and use it to sweep away not only dirt but negative energy as well. Others prepare their own "magickal" cleaning solutions. Some of us ground and center before we clean, bless our cleaners, and pray as we clean. There are any number of ways to bring magick into your cleaning froutine. I'm still working on mine.

A friend of mine just sent me a link to Tess Whitehurst's site. She wrote a book called Magical Housekeeping. You can check out her blog at

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