Sunday, July 31, 2011

Money is not a Bad Thing

I wasn't going to post today, but I just can't help myself. I recently saw a post on Facebook that said, "Does anyone need anything today?" When someone wrote "a few $million," the person who asked the question responded, "Oh, I never ask for money. It always comes at a price."

How sad! I know that many people are raised in homes where they are told that money is evil (the quote is that it is the ROOT of all evil, by the way), and similar stories about how it is somehow better and more noble to be poor than to be rich. Give me a break!

I've been poor and homeless, and I've been really well off (with my husband and I making a good 6 figures a year). Let me tell you something flat out: there is nothing Noble about being broke. It's that simple.

It is much easier to advance spiritually when I have extra money around than when I am working 3 jobs 85-100 hours a week. Do you really think I had time to meditate or reflect on my inner state of being when I was too busy trying to scrape up something to eat because it had been two or three days since my last meal?

So please, for the love of whichever God (or Goddess) you may feel like worshipping, stop focusing on lack. Stop telling people that there is something wrong with making money or having more than enough. If I don't have enough, there is no way I can help anyone else. The Universe is a vast and rich place, and there is enough for everyone. In fact, there is more than enough. There is no terrible cost to having money. To think so, in my opinion, is a tragedy.

When we can all realize that and concentrate on how much we have, we will see that money is not a bad thing. In fact it is very, very good.And you can take that to the bank! ;)


  1. I certainly agree, Ame, that money per se is not evil. It's when folks focus ONLY on the money (or its accumulation) that problems ensue. Or, if every decision rendered revolves on the accumulation or expenditure of money.
    Avoiding these two factors as driving forces will preclude the malevolence of money issues from one's life.

  2. I realize you posted this approximately a month ago, but I am just now getting over here to explore your blogging world. I have to say that this is a very timely topic for me! So many of us wrestle with the financial demon concept, subconsciously or consciously making money and prosperity something to fight and scrape for, or be ashamed of. I remember listening to Suze Ormond (hope I spelled her last name correctly) years ago discussing the concept of going back in childhood years where we're most impressionable and identifying our first memories of interacting with money. My first memory was of the phrase, "We can't..." in relation to "We can't afford to fill-in-the-blank". I realized that that phrase became my mantra and I recognized that I fulfilled that prophetic statement over and over in my adult life.

    I began the process of changing that mantra and set point and still wrestle with it. Subconscious programming is difficult to stay on top of, but I do my best to be mindful. I agree w/ you - existing in a flow of harmony with money makes everything in life easier! And I see no reason to assign shame, guilt or hardship to existing in financial prosperity. Great post and a wonderful reminder to me today.