Sunday, May 15, 2011

Magickal Gardening

I finally got around to planting some vegetables the other day. I love being able to grow my own food, and it's very practical as well. For example, red peppers are $2.49 each at the grocery store right now (and most of the year). I bought a red pepper plant for $1.99, and I will get at least 10-15 red peppers out of it before the end of the season.

When I am working in the dirt I feel very close to the earth, like this is something we are all meant to do. Here in Oregon, we have to use raised beds and containers for our gardens because our soil is so full of clay. As long as I am outside working in it, though, I feel a great connection to everything around me.

As I have previously stated, I feel magick is energy that is available and around us all the time. For that reason, when planning and planting my garden I don't always follow the magickal "rules" such as planting during the Full Moon. For many people, these types of rituals greatly enhance their experiences when gardening, and it is well worth looking into. Sites such as The Witch's Garden will give you numerous ideas on how to better incorporate ritual and enhance your spirituality through gardening.

As for me, I am satisfied with how I currently garden. I always thank the land as well as our food. I let the plants know when I am going to trim them or pick the vegetables. And I visit and talk to them every day while I am weeding and watering them. These are the things that keep my garden magickal.

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